The FlashUploaded™ SWF module series is compatible with all internet browsers that accept the Adobe® Flash® plugin and because 98.99% of world internet users use the Adobe® Flash plugin it's easy for webmasters to install the FlashUploaded™ modules.
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  • ONLINE SWF ENCRYPTION service to protect
        your ActionScript Flash code from decompilers
  • HD MOVIE PLAYER to stream from your website
        HD Movies up to 1080p and MP3/AAC audio

  •    As Site and game developers try to protect their developments codes, It becomes more and more difficult because of different SWF decompilers. It's battle: the more protection methods appear, the more different decompilers are created. But there is a good solution for this problem.

    FlashUploaded™ online Encrypter is the perfect and fastest solution. It is ready to help you protect your Flash ActionScript development codes from decompilers without installing any software.

    Don’t let anyone steal your developments, encrypt and protect your Flash SWF files with FlashUploaded™ online Encrypter.

    FlashUploaded™ online Encrypter allows you to upload, encrypt and protect 10 Flash SWF files in same time, for a total size of 100MB max.
    Encryption features :

  • Shaking - this method scrambles the source code.
  • Hiding - the main principle of the method is to hide the code. Very effective.
  • Obfuscating - a well known method, that allows you to obfuscate the variable names, feature names, etc.
  • Reliable protection of your Flash SWF files
  • Encryption of the ActionScript (all versions)

  • * Use [Control+click] or [Shift+click] keys to select/unselect single/multiple files. Note: you can cancel upload encrypting at anytime without credit card charge.
    Only a zipped package of your encrypted SWF files will be available on FlashUploaded. Your files will be saved and privately accessible for 24 hours only (after that your files will be deleted).

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