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  • I purchased the STANDARD/EXPERT UPLOAD module followed instructions but the module doesn't work, why ?
    Possible reason could be :
    - PHP version is < 4.2.x
    - Flash plugin client is < 8.0.24
    - Adobe® Flash plugin is not installed on the client browser
    - Wrong permissions in your upload server folder
    - You didn't point your url request to the right hostname. In any case please read carefully the config.php and INSTALL.txt files

    The file type mime type filter doesn't work very well, why ?
    Possible reason is that your PHP server module is not compiled with "--with-mime-magic" or you don't have a good magic.mime file. Please read carefully INSTALL.txt about mime types.

    The files don't upload, the progress bar stays at 0%, why ?
    That's because your php.ini is not set to accept upload file, or the data size is very limited. in Any case please check your php.ini or ask to your administrator if it's not your own server.

    When i upload files it says "File Security error" and the upload stops
    Several reasons could be possible :
    - Your hostname doesn't match exactly the hostname where the upload SWF file is located on.
    - The upload module is on HTTP and you set your config.php file in HTTPS or the contrary (same protocol and port needed)
    - The port you use to upload files is not opened on your network

    I uploaded a project of 10 SWF files to encrypt with your ONLINE SWF Encrypter, but after that the encryption finishes, nothing happens
    Your browser could block the download window or Internet connection could be lost. In any case please check your Email, our system has sent to you a confirmation where there is a 24h valid link to download.

    I downloaded my encrypted SWF project and it works well, thank you. But why the data size of all my SWF increased ?
    Encryption uses more chars and code, so it's normal that an encrypted code is heavier that an unencoded code. It's the case for all Encryption method.

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