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  • ONLINE SWF ENCRYPTION service to protect
        your ActionScript Flash code from decompilers
  • HD MOVIE PLAYER to stream from your website
        HD Movies up to 1080p and MP3/AAC audio

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    Do you need a real HD streaming movie player on your website ? HDFlashPlayer is the perfect solution for you. HDFlashPlayer is like a physical DVD player and more. It's compatible with the latest H.264 video codec technology, which lets your users watch HD movies streaming on the fly.

    Upload, distribute, stream and watch HD movies instantly in High Definition resolution on a 70" monitor like SONY BRAVIA on a private network or a standard High Speed internet line!

    Any .MOV, .MP4, .AVI (encoded in H.264) and all FLV movies as well as MP3 and AAC audio files can be read by HDFlashPlayer. HDFlashPlayer Standard and Expert version include a file/folder MANAGER and multiple file UPLOADER module and a image or flash menu import, so you can easily select a new movie and create interactive flash menus like a DVD. A completly FREE version is available !.

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    Unlike all Internet browsers the module includes a multiple file uploader, a progress bar, file/folder manager and displays time remaining, percent uploaded and bandwidth rate all in one.
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