progress bar and upload status
  • ONLINE SWF ENCRYPTION service to protect
        your ActionScript Flash code from decompilers
  • HD MOVIE PLAYER to stream from your website
        HD Movies up to 1080p and MP3/AAC audio
  • Specifications:

  • Multiple files upload module fully configurable
       (up to 65536 files in queue list)
  • File type filter with file extensions and
       read byte mime types
  • Server file save method by FTP protocol or
       by normal rights folder permissions
  • Upload method by HTTP or HTTPS protocols
       from any (available) PORT
       (can be changed at anytime)
  • Subfolders levels fully configurable
       (up to 65536 subfolders levels)
  • Type, size and max list of files to upload
       fully configurable
  • Your own project variables code POST and LOADED
       (up to 64kb of possible data to POST)
  • Cancel upload at anytime without to block browser
  • Percentage and remaining time upload status
  • Non browser Blocking File manager.
       Create/delete folders,subfolders
       and view files uploaded and folders from a Tree view
  • Compatible PHP >= 4.2.x and >= 5.x.x
       (contact us for other script languages)
  • Compatible Adobe® Flash version >= 8.0.24

  • Try Flash® UPLOAD STANDARD module

  • Try Flash® FILE MANAGER module

  • * Use [Control+click] or [Shift+click] keys to select/unselect single/multiple files.
    Note: This DEMO allows you to upload only 100 MB and 16 subfolders. thanks for your comprehension.

    The files uploaded will not be viewed by other people.

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